About us

Ganko, established in 1941, is one of the largest dealers in eyewear across India today, with a strong presence in both the mid and premium segments of the domestic market and significant export operations too. Over the years it has been at the forefront of the industry, leading innovations in design and functionality. Ganko is an energetic and vibrant company that is re-inventing systems and driving change in a fast evolving business scenario.

The Company today has operations across multiple verticals – Distribution, OEM & Exports and Retail. It is among the leading distributors in India having a presence across 29 states within the country and over 800 clients. With technical expertise of more than 25 years, Ganko is the market leader for acetate frames. The company is pan-India licencor for international children’s brands like Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob Square Pants by Nickelodeon.

At the retail level, Ganko operates two stores in Mumbai and one in Kolkata, offering a range of international premium and luxury brands.

What we believe


To inspire and set benchmarks for the Eyewear industry for services and products through innovative use of technology and an unwavering commitment to showcase the best India has to offer in marketing eyewear brands.


To Inform – bring transparency to our actions; To Initiate – evolve systems and processes to improve work environments; To Innovate – constantly create value for employees, suppliers, customers and partners through products and systems; To Inspire – bring creativity in product design, business processes and adaptation of best practices for growth.


  • Trusted and Reliable Partners
  • Professionalism in Operations
  • Assured Quality across Products
  • Strong Commitment to Service
  • A Leader in Innovation


Way back in 1941, two pioneering businessmen J.M. Kothari or ‘Motabhai’ as he was widely known, and Shantilal Gandhi entered the eyewear trade as wholesalers, setting up a small enterprise in a tiny rented premises in Dabholkarwadi near Kalbadevi in Mumbai. The two had taken some informal steps in this field a few years earlier, having gained some experience when they worked together before that at Mansukhbhai and Co.

Ganko, derived from the names of its two founders, faced many challenges in its initial years, including the exit of Shantilal who set up a cycle business. But Motabhai, along with his brother Chandubhai, steadily grew the business, travelling across Delhi, Lahore, Karachi and distant Calcutta with their goods and establishing strong ties with the trade. Soon Ganko opened an office-cum-store in Calcutta too, overcoming the shock of a robbery during the riots of 1946 with strong support from their contacts within the optical trade.

In the 1950s, formal operations recommenced at Calcutta and a few years later, Dilipbhai, Motabhai’s son, became the 2nd generation in the family to enter the business. He was followed by his brothers Madhu and Kirit. Chandubhai’s sons, Arvind and Anil took charge of the Calcutta operations.

Since the 1980s, growth and expansion has been steady, and when the 3rd generation joined the business in the 1990s, the stage was set for rapid modernisation, new innovations in business and entry into the export markets too.



Global launch of Einstein Eyewear


Promoters launch IrisBrands


Exports to Spain


Exports to USA


Acquires licence to distribute international brands – Nickelodeon and Umbro - in India


Enters Global arena with exports to Middle East


An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Eye wear company


Ganko Eye Hospital launched in Limbdi in State of Gujrat


JM Kothari Charity Trust Established; Ganko extends support to the Optometric Education Society


3rd generation of the family enters business


Introduces in-house brands for the first time with launch of Sillotti


Madhu, Kirit, Arvind and Anil join business


2nd generation - Dilipbhai - enters business


Operations launched at Calcutta in Bagri Market


Riots in Calcutta result in robbery in shop; subsequent help from optical fraternity Close bonds with manufacturers established


Shantilal Gandhi leaves Ganko to start cycle business


Ganko Opticians is launched - premises at Dabholkarwadi


Motabhai and Shantilal Gandhi enter eyewear trade


Motabhai appointed as Chief Accountant at Mansukhbhai and Co